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Callboard & Co. – Because Scheduling Sucks.


Scheduling sucks. Now you can reduce scheduling time to just 15-20 minutes a week and create personalized schedules so clear that no one will ever misread your schedule again.

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Who Trusts Callboard & Co.?

Kinky Boots
Circus 1903

Will Lewis

"Loving the Platform!"

Will Lewis
General Stage Manager
AMALUNA by Cirque du Soleil

Michael-James Garfield

"What's great about Callboard & Co. is how much TIME I save while scheduling. Less time scheduling = more time drinking. I think we all understand the value of that."

Michael-James Garfield
Stage Manager
SeaWorld San Antonio

Zoe Bailey

"Callboard & Co. turns you into a WIZARD of scheduling and cast morale. My casts love me and how organized I am. Thanks!"

Zoe Bailey
Company Stage Manager
Luckiest Productions

Why Callboard & Co.?

Stop wasting time scheduling, and more time doing useful shit (or maybe at the bar...)

Stop wasting time scheduling, and more time doing useful shit (or maybe at the bar...)

You've got better things to do than sink hours into schedules and chasing people who aren't where they're meant to be.

Instead, use Callboard & Co's software for communication that prevents timing fails before you facepalm yourself into an aneurysm.

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Remove the need for cast members to sift through for their slots

Remove the need for cast members to sift through for their slots

Your actors want to get on with acting, and your crew members get on with crewing. No one wants to sit and decipher where they're meant to be when.

While you can still send out a full weekly schedule, Callboard & Co's lets you send our personalised daily call schedules. These contain only the calls each recipient is involved in
removing your nightmare of people missing slots. And all of this will take one click from you.

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Email information to the groups that need it

Email information to the groups that need it

We know that managing information is the biggest part of a stage manager's job.

When you have rehearsal notes for each part of your crew, Callboard & Co will let you select the right group for each one and instantly ping each one. No more looking up the name of
that new guy you keep forgetting, just easy mass mailing with a click.

Plus, each email is titled and branded with the relevant show, making it even easier for your team to keep track of.

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Really, only a stage manager knows what a stage manager needs

Really, only a stage manager knows what a stage manager needs

Trust us, we tried goddamn every bit of software available, yet we still kept retreating to the Excel nightmare.

None of them showed a real understanding of what it's like to schedule fittings and rehearsals and paper techs for differing swarms of people.

So, we made our own software. It quickly dropped our scheduling efforts from 4-5 hours down to just 20 minutes per week, so now we're offering the same lifesaver to you.

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Compatible With Everything.

iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry. Using an app causes issues with compatibility.
Callboard & Co. is web-based and compatible with EVERY device. No more slamming your head against the wall!

Callboard & Co.


Weekly Schedule Emails

When you have your week scheduled, click a SINGLE BUTTON and Callboard & Co. will look up every user that has a single call within the week and send them a clean and color-coded weekly schedule that you've designed. Show your team what the full week looks like for everyone.

Powerful Notes Feature

Need to send messages and notes to your team? Faster than you could type your distribution list in gmail, Callboard & Co. lets you compose your message, attach any files, and select which users or groups should receive it, and let us take care of the rest. Never search for someone's email or send to the wrong address again. And since we store the notes you send, you'll once and for all conquer the excuse of "You didn't send that to me." Oh yes you did!

Four Weekly Formats

We understand that everyone does it differently. Choose the Weekly Schedule format that works best for you. You can choose abridged or detailed as well as sorting schedules chronologically or by location (aka room lists). The choice is yours!

Personalized Daily Calls

Now we're talking. Change your view from Weekly to Daily and click a SINGLE BUTTON and sit back and watch as we create CUSTOM Daily Call emails for each member of your team, telling them exactly where they need to be and when, and showing only the calls they need to be concerned with. (Yes, you can attach the full Daily Call as well!)

Personalized Calendar Files

When those Daily Call emails arrive, your team will be able to import their schedule into the calendar program of their choice via the universally formatted ICS file that will arrive with it.

Fast Scheduling

Creating a call for your team members takes just a few seconds. Pick the when, where and who of your call and be on to more important tasks!

Mutliple Projects & Administrators

Run separate schedules and teams using our Projects feature. Then add others as Administrators on your account and choose which projects they can schedule.

One Click Distribution

Perhaps our users' favorite feature -- once you've set up your schedule for the day, week or month -- distribute the full week's overview or a specific day's personalized calls to your full team with just a single click. Then sit back and watch as the emails are shipped out, one by one, with live progress. You'll never want to go back to your old scheduling ways!

Easy to Customize

A simple settings area allows you to customize the experience for your team. You'll be able to choose what day your calendar week starts, email branding, time zones, colors, and even the address that your schedules will show as being received from. When users click reply -- those replies go where YOU want them to go. It couldn't be easier with Callboard & Co.!

Calculate Hours Quickly

Have limitations on crew hours or just want to know how many hours Steve worked last week? Set the calendar view you want to calculate (Month/Week/Day) and click a single button to see how many hours each of your members were scheduled for. Again - let us do the heavy lifting for you!